Ncfe equality and diversity ass 2

Multiple discrimination Discrimination based on more than one characteristic, e. It starts with generalizing and progressively takes on nasty tentacles. There are also inequalities when it comes to disability, as disabled people do not always have the same opportunities and choices as someone without a disability.

This will include how equality and diversity is monitored in the workplace and how the rights of individuals are protected. Give two examples to illustrate your point. Equality and diversity in society Indirect discrimination occurs where the effect of certain requirements, conditions or practices imposed by an employer or education provider has an adverse impact disproportionately on one group or other.

We regularly add to our training portfolio and adapt existing training to specific end user requirements. Understand what diversity is. Understand the effects of prejudice and discrimination Learning objective Place in Assessment 4.

Choose Type of service. You will have access to specialist support from dedicated tutors throughout the programme. We can identify ourselves as belonging to different groups in terms of our personal appearance. For example news stories about groups of youths in hoodies terrorising communities.

An example of direct discrimination is refusing accommodation to same sex couple. It can lead to low self-esteem and confidence resulting in the victim being a less productive member of society.

There is also a local youth football team which has been supported by the local community when its pitch was at risk from developers wanting to build a large supermarket on the site.

Equality and Diversity Awareness

Equality and diversity in the workplace In this unit you will learn how equality and diversity can be promoted and maintained by employees and the benefits of having a dynamic, diverse workforce.

The benefits that diversity brings to the workplace and society as a whole. Highlight some of the variations you may observe in terms of: Discrimination arising out of disability Treating someone less favourable because of something connected to their disability.

Equality and diversity in society Once you have completed this Part of your Assessment, save the work you have done so far — you will need to send your work to your tutor for marking when you have completed all five Parts of this Assessment.

If this is your first full Level 2 qualification you will be asked to complete a declaration form. Provide at least two examples of the way stereotyping is perpetuated in society. This applies to all customers in the same way.

Why Bother About Equality and Diversity. Positive sayings assist training and development, learning, group and team building, and personal growth in others. The list of an individual's diversity impose several different beliefs, in these characteristics is the whole individual the heritage assessment addresses only a small percentage of.

The NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Equality and Diversity will introduce you to the concepts of equality and diversity in a variety of environments including society, the community and the workplace. The course highlights the stereotyping and labelling affecting individuals. Equality North East are pleased to offer the above course.

This is relevant to everybody living in a diverse society, especially those working to promote equality and diversity. It supports employers who need their workforce to be knowledgeable in this topic.

Equality and Diversity is for every employee throughout all industries, especially where good practice of equality and diversity already exists.

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Subjects in the course include personal and social identities, beliefs, values, prejudice, discrimination, stereotyping and labelling. NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Equality and Diversity Qualification: NCFE Subject Area: Equality and Diversity Level: 2 Duration: 12 weeks Attendance details: Distance Learning Course Information diversity issues that are relevant at school, college, work, and in social situations.

NCFE Level 2 Award in Equality and Diversity Ref: //5 Sector: Preparation for Life and Work Features: It is also ideal for those who need to develop an awareness of issues surrounding equality and diversity, for example as part of an induction programme or personal development.

Ncfe equality and diversity ass 2
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