Business and admin level 2 unit

By setting a high standard for my work, I can constantly aim to achieve the best outcome I can produce. Context In an emergency where we need a fast answer, we pick up the phone, disregarding our demographic group.

Mandatory Units The first mandatory unit, Communication in a Business Environment, aims to develop the knowledge and skills required to communicate in a business environment.

You can also make a schedule or plan which can help you prioritise how much time you should spend on each task and if you are on track to completing the target by the timescale that has been set. Addition to this when given a task to do, your employer expects you to do it perfectly.

What should you do to ensure that your written communications are organised, structured and well presented to meet the needs of the intended audience. It is also important to consider that there maybe people from very different backgrounds and have been bought up differently to you and this could affect the way they view each other so it is important that you take this into consideration and treat them like you would treat any other person you know.

A variety of communication channels may be utilised for external communication, including the internet, print and broadcast media, face-to-face meetings and establishing virtual discussion forums. Here are a few of the most commonly-found barriers in communication in an organisation: The result will be less time wasted trying to work out poorly worded instructions and more time spent doing the job.

It always better to check if we are not sure of something and ask the other person to give us further information. The final mandatory unit, Develop Working Relationships with Colleagues, introduces you to the key principles underpinning effective team working.

If the staff support the event in a professional manner then it is more likely that the event will meet its objectives and be viewed in a more positive way ensuring future events will be well received and supported.

Optional Units The remaining 24 credits are made up from a range of units. Similarly, clients and suppliers are more likely to trust a company that communicates clearly and correctly. You will be influenced by the people around you especially if you are attached to each other.

These training programs focus on several aspects such as giving proper feedback, conducting performance review meetings, coaching and mentoring skills, grooming future leaders, etc. But every attempt should be made to ensure that stakeholders do not perceive the external communication strategy as a tool to manipulate them.

The main advantage is that there is a leader at the top of the hierarchy who can oversee communications downwards and upwards to different areas of the business. Dedicated personal tutor support.

Business Administration (5528)

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It can help me to deal with setbacks and difficulties when they arise if I keep an open mind about different ways to work. Section 3 — Understand how to deal with problems encountered when supporting a business event 1.

Level 2 Principles of Business Administration

In case of any incongruence, the receiver of the message might be irritated by two messages coming from two different channels, giving cues in two different directions. The all-channel pattern is like the circle, in that all members are equal and all have exactly the same amount of power to influence others, except that each member in this pattern may communicate with any other member.

Being assertive also can help you stand up for your own opinion and you will not want to back down just because somebody does not value your opinion. But what makes it complex, difficult and frustrating are the barriers that come in its way.

Also, by being rude and disrespectful to colleagues, supervisors or a manager shows that you are not considerate or respectful.

There is no external examination required. All group members cannot communicate with the leader in circle communication pattern which is another disadvantage of this communication pattern.

Before an event it is valuable to prepare a risk assessment to access what issues have a high importance and risk factor then prepare a contingency plan to cover them.

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Level 2 Business & Administration Intermediate Apprenticeship; Level 2 Business & Administration Apprenticeship Learners earn credits for each unit enabling them to meet the required number of credits to complete the course candidates have to complete a minimum of 60 credits.

They are also required components of the Level 2 and 3 Apprenticeships in Business and Administration. Important note From 1 Septembernew hybrid qualifications will replace the NVQs as the required components in the Level 2 and 3 apprenticeships in Business Administration. Business Admin level 2/3 Essay Unit 2 Business resources Task 3 (M2) Introduction In this report, I will be assessing the importance of employability and personal skills in the recruitment and retention of staff in Thorpe Park.

Recruitment This is the process of taking in. Unit five: Principles of supporting business events Assessment You should use this file to complete your Assessment.

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Business and admin level 2 unit
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